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Futuristic Transportation

Welcome to IHOVER we are forward minded company trying to bring new technology to the masses using our vast experience to bring the IHOVER board to the market. We believe that this new mode of transportation will bring fun and entertainment for children and adults alike also known as hoverboards ,swegways,balance boards you can be sure of quality ,service & excellent after service here at ihover.co.uk

The product really escalated when celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa and the Kardashians were seen enjoying the hover board. People are using them for entertainment, in the work place and to commute. We were amazed at the age range we were supplying to we have had children as young as 3 and our oldest customer so far has been 71. We have also supplied to a vast list of celebrities and sports personalities. The future of fun travel is here jump on and enjoy